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iLsa innovates to provide a single-cell, homogeneous and reproducible spreading quality bringing an unequalled reading comfort at an unbeatable price !

Automated system for cytology laboratories up to 50.000 tests / year

The instrument, thanks to a double centrifugation and an integrated turbidity reading, allows a homogeneous, monolayer and reproducible spreading.

The instrument has a re-spread rate of less than 2% thanks to its low cell concentration detection system and its mucus detection control system, making the IDC20 one of the most robust machines on the market.

No specialized personnel are required to operate the instrument. A one-hour training session is enough to train your technician. The machine is controlled by a touch pad with a simplified interface.

The use of disposable tips avoids any inter-contamination.

The management of the samples by bar codes allows to avoid any human error.

The automated system becomes an essential link in your NF EN 15189 certification.

How does the machine work ?

  1. The samples and identified slides are loaded on the machine.
  2. A “diluant/sticker” liquid is deposited on the slides.
  3. For each patient, after checking the barcodes, the IDC20 takes 1ml of liquid with a disposable tip and checks the cell density.
  4. It deposits the necessary quantity on the slide.
  5. A first centrifugation deposits the cells on the slides. The “diluant/Sticker” gradiant liquid allows to eliminate a part of the undesirable elements (red blood cells, dust, pieces of membranes, …).
  6. After emptying the supernatant, a second centrifugation allows the final sticking of the cells and the drying of the slide.
  7. Slides come out of the machine ready for staining.

Chronology of IDC20 operation

iDC 20 reads the bar codes to check the correct match between slides and specimen bottle !

No risk of error possible ! Total traceability

If they match, IDC20 uses a disposable tip to draw 1ml of liquid fromthe sample vial following re-suspension.

Disposable tip = no risk of contamination !

Turbidity is then determined in the disposable tip by infra-red sensors Integrated infra-red !

Accurate cell concentration measurement !

Depending on the result, iDC 20 adapts the volume of sample distributed on the slide to ensure quantity of cells is always correct.

Standardization of cell concentration !

An initial slow centrifuge is engaged to spread the cells on the slide.

Allowing a homogeneous slide quality and a monolayer spot !

Followed by supernatant evacuation by disposable tips to remove the maximum of impurities: mucus, pieces of membranes, blood…

Still no contamination risk

A second faster centrifugation sticks cells to the slide and then dries it.

Your slide is ready for staining !

For each slide, IDC20 records all operations performed : date, time, bar codes read, turbidity, user…

IDC20 helps you achieve your NF EN 15189 certification !

iLsa designs and manufactures instruments and consumables (100% French). iLsa keeps in stock on its site in Besançon all the parts necessary to repair your device within 48 hours.

Your technician can directly contact our Hotline service technicians for online troubleshooting or to make an appointment at your location.


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