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iLsa Diagnostics has automated the reference method which enabled to develop the liquid cytology technology, as known as centrifugation.

iLsa Diagnostics has automated the reference method that led the development of liquid cytology technology, namely centrifugation.

iLsa Diagnostics has improved this reference method by centrifugation with several innovations to increase the quality of the spreads and thus facilitate manual reading or by scanner, to make the diagnosis safer, to secure the process of obtaining the slides, to automate to rationalize the operations and to obtain labor time savings…

First of all, the quality of the collected samples smears on slides:

iLsa Diagnostics is the designer and crafter of its instruments and consumables.

Agility, to adapt its products to the market evolution.

Reactivity, to anwser quickly to its clients.

iLsa Diagnostic presents its instruments :


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