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Cell Expert

iLsa innovates to provide a single-cell, homogeneous and reproducible spreading quality bringing an unequalled reading comfort at an unbeatable price

Automated system for cytology laboratories from 40.000 tests/year

Cell Expert is a high speed instrument with automatic opening and closing of specimen vials. It has many other very competitive advantages :

  • Brush in the bottle : 100% of collected cells are sent to the laboratory
  • Possibility of spreading several slides for the same sample
  • A secure process :
    • Zero risk of contamination due to the use of disposable tips and chambers.
    • o Any operating error is detected and flagged up, slides and specimen bottles are identified with same barcodes, barcodes are read before picking and dispensing, software meets standard 62304 requirements.
  • Thecell concentration is identical à la centrifugation intégrée des pots de prélèvement puis dilution et le calcul de la concentration cellulaire par lecture de turbidité.
  • Small size of GYN specimen bottle (diameter under 30 mm) for posting,
  • Non toxic preservative liquid (without methanol and without formol)
  • Ergonomic instrument for quick and easy handling (training of 2 hours maximum)
  • High speed 50 lames / hourwith automatic opening of the sample bottles
  • Full traceability : all data is stored,
  • Cell Expert fully automates Gyn and Non Gyn sampling
  • Immuno-cytochemical test possibility : liquid retains a good cell structure for immuno-cytochemical testing

Cell Expert also offers an option for HPV testing in molecular biology :

  • Automated aliquoting for HPV tubes with throughput of 80 tubes/hour

Sizes : 67 cm (length) X 56 cm (width) ;
Weight : 62 kgs

Consumables Cell Expert :

  • Specimen bottle
  • Brush
  • Slide
  • Centrifuge chamber
  • Tips

iLsa designs and manufactures instruments and consumables (100% French). iLsa keeps in stock on its site in Besançon all the parts necessary to repair your device within 48 hours.

Your technician can directly contact our Hotline service technicians for online troubleshooting or to make an appointment at your location.


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